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If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times…

Living a consistent, healthy lifestyle is just too difficult!

I know the score when it comes to finding time to work, wishing someone else would go to the supermarket, and then fighting to get the family to eat what’s good for them.

That’s why I’m going to share with you…

  • The method that easily transforms your kids (and even your spouse) into broccoli, spinach and healthy food eating machines.
  • How to apply tried and proven (yet little known) techniques to save significant cash on your groceries… Immediately!
  • The way to educate yourself on your own weaknesses when failing to eat healthy, and be able to overcome them.

And that’s just for starters.

Dear friend,

My name is Melanie, and I’m a busy wife, Mom, a Registered Dietitian, and a foremost leader in promoting improved health and better lifestyles online.

What I’m not, however, is a sales person.

And while I’m going to make an offer to you today, I’m not going to push a hard sell. The truth is, the Healthy Eating Handbook isn’t for everyone.

It’s not for those who have absolutely no interest in cooking. It’s not for those who have no problem living on junk food. And it’s not for those who can’t take advice.

However, if you’d like to be able to buy and cook healthy food in less time, with less money, and are willing to make small changes for the better of your health, this is for you.

The formula for health behind the Healthy Eating Handbook makes achieving these goals so easy it’s like poetry!

But, why listen to me?

Well, For the past five years, I’ve built up one of the most popular and credible health blogs in the industry, with over twelve thousand subscribers, and thousands of visitors every single day.

It has won various awards, but that’s not what gives me joy.

What gives me daily delight are the daily emails I receive from people who have transformed their lives, and succeeded where they had been failing for years.

The thing is, even though I have about half a million words published online, I have NEVER revealed  publicly what I’m about to share with you.

So if you’re tired of feeling like there’s not enough hours in the day, and you just wish you could whip up healthy meals in a flash without any stress, then you’re on the right page.

Trying to live a healthy lifestyle and to encourage the whole family to be healthy is tough…

There just never seems to be enough hours in the day to be bothered to cook the sort of home-made meals that for all of human history have been taken for granted.

In today’s hurried society, sometimes it feels like you’re struggling in quicksand. With each effort you make to get out you sink deeper and deeper, feeling more and more restricted and helpless.

But, I can tell you now that you’re not alone in how you feel.

The struggle clearly isn’t just your problem,
or your fault…

Recently, reputable research firm Technomic found that seven out of ten people think healthier foods are increasingly difficult to afford…

…Over half of all people claim they often purchase less-healthy foods because they cost less…

…And 44% say their budget prevents them from eating healthier foods.

Those stats are SHOCKING.

Over 50% of people buy less healthy foods because they’re cheaper? So, it’s not just time that’s the problem. It’s money, too.

Yet, in this economy I’m not surprised. It seems the only option is to sacrifice the long-term benefit of health to solve a short-term problem of money.

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

It is possible for you and your family to eat healthier, while making significant savings at the supermarket checkout, and do it in less time than you spend doing it all now.

Wouldn’t life be easier if you could improve your health
in only 15 minutes/week? (And maybe even save money while you’re at it)

Going by the emails I receive, and all the news reports from the media, living a healthy lifestyle isn’t straightforward in the 21st century.

That’s clear by the millions of people suffering from preventable health problems.

But, it can be made pretty easy when you know the right approach.

All it takes is a step-by-step guide…

…written by someone who has been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt…

…And as one who lives in the trenches of trying to manage work, family, and health, I can say without reservation that what I’m about to share with you, helps you to plan, prepare, and enjoy nutritious meals faster than ever before.

And in the process, it rewards you with health you can feel!

You are literally only moments away from the solution to your health and nutrition needs…

Healthy Eating Handbook

I’ve called it the Healthy Eating Handbook.

Essentially, it’s a non-dieting approach to optimum health, which:

  • Is as simple as paint-by-numbers so there’s no wasted time or studying to do.
  • Gives freedom to adapt without the drill sergeant approach telling you that you’re wrong.
  • Allows you to continue the plan your way, even when you’re being catered for on vacation or have to stay away from home for a few days.

Its balanced approach means:

  • You’re more likely to achieve your goals and maintain them, meaning you’ll be able to drop your claim as the world’s top yo-yo dieter.
  • Adapting it around present or future medication is a breeze.
  • You’ll not have to clear out your kitchen and drive hundreds of miles looking for obscure products.

And its step-by-step layout means:

  • You can initiate everything instantly (or by breakfast tomorrow morning).
  • If you’d prefer, you can stack the techniques into your life over a period of time, making gradual changes which aren’t overwhelming.
  • Even if you’ve never tried to make changes to your eating, this will be plain sailing.

It will also save you money and time… guaranteed!

There’s no doubt that over the past couple of years, as the global economy has been shaken, food prices have risen quite dramatically.

And the fun part?

According to experts, they are set to increase significantly again by the end of the year.

Real comforting, right?

But, as frustrating as it is, I’m not too worried, and you don’t have to be either.

Because from 2007 to 2009 when my husband and I lived in Australia and I couldn’t work as a dietitian, I learned and mastered food budgeting techniques which you’ll discover when you get your copy of the Healthy Eating Handbook.

And as soon as you become a student of these strategies…

  • Grocery shopping will be faster and easier than ever before.
  • You’ll never be shocked at the price of your groceries.
  • “Mom, there’s nothing to eat!” will be something you’ll never hear from your children again.
  • Getting healthy food on the table will be a breeze!
  • And you will add so much time to your evenings, you might not know what to do with yourself!

It really helped us, and because of this we were able to save enough to travel Australia and New Zealand.

So, here’s what I’m going to reveal to you in the Healthy Eating Handbook:

  • How to properly read food labels so you are never ‘tricked’ again. That’s right… food companies are tricking you, in more ways than you know, and when you can’t understand why you’re not losing weight, this could be the reason. (page 37)
  • Tips on what hidden ingredients to avoid. There are some dangerous ingredients in a huge number of foods you regularly buy, and they are hidden behind different names so you don’t recognize them! (page 36)
  • The low-down on Food Groups, so you get to know what certain foods are doing for your body. This knowledge will enable you to adapt your diet intelligently. (page 39)
  • The ‘Whole Foods’ craze… is it all hype, or are they really better for your body? (page 62)
  • The indispensable key to enjoying your favourite ‘treats’ and how to strategically add them to your diet so that they help you lose weight! (page 64)
  • The number one item that will murder your ambition for health and weight loss (page 67), and the miracle working replacement which will do wonders for how you look, feel, and perform! (page 68)
  • …And the ‘turbo-boost’ tactic you can apply when you hit a weight loss plateau. (page 68)
  • A guide to the foods that are choking your health from the inside out, if you don’t know what to replace them with. (page 55)
  • Bites adding bulge — dumb calories that neutralize all the good you do, and when you give them up, you’ll discover the ultimate way to satisfy the cravings they leave behind. (page 74)
  • How to make wise choices when you’re eating out. (page 72)
  • How to deal with the picky eaters in your family, and make them want what you put in front of them. (page 23)
  • The one excuse you need to get you ‘off the hook’ when given more food than you know is necessary. (page 26)
  • Tactics to help get your partner involved and motivated to join you in your journey to a slimmer, healthier you. (page 24)
  • Super tricks to make what you’ve been conditioned to believe is ‘bland’ food, become delicious and desirable. (page 76)
  • The secret to effortlessly getting back on track after a ‘splurge’. (page 83)
  • The super simple trick I use to make regular meals much healthier (and it usually makes your meals more economical, too). (page 49)
  • The absolute best way to preserve the goodness in your food, so you maximize the positive impact it makes. This simple tactic will improve your health without consuming one extra calorie! (page 41)
  • The single most powerful way to overcome the temptation to eat junk late at night (and it’s not clearing your cupboards). (page 75)
  • …and loads more.

So, if you’re looking to get on the path to a new healthier you, grab the Healthy Eating Handbook today.

You can be assured of positive results. Why? Because if I’m lying to you, not only can you claim your investment back with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, but, I could lose my BDA and HPC approved professional title as a Registered Dietitian.

Basically, I could be stripped of years of hard work and credibility. And I’d be an idiot to risk that.

So how much would you expect to pay for this? Is $97 okay?

Before we finalize the price, I’ve got good news to share with you.

The Healthy Eating Handbook doesn’t come on its own. Rather, it comes as a package with a bunch of included extras. So, what are these extras?

“And I Want To Make Sure You Apply It (Even Though Its Pretty Much ‘Brain-Dead Simple’ To Follow Anyway) And Offer You 5 Awesome Bonuses Worth Almost $100 – If You Act Fast!”

As you know by now – I care about people’s health, and I want to take every opportunity to help you implement these strategies into your daily habits.

So I’m going to make this offer as irresistible as humanly possible, and give you additional extras that would otherwise cost about five times what you’ll pay today – at absolutely NO cost to you.

The unfortunate part is that… I can’t keep the price this low forever and offer you bonuses (my previous customers will feel ripped off), and I may raise the price, or remove these bonuses very soon.

But for now, I’ll throw in these time limited bonuses:

Health, Fitness, And Dieting F.A.Q.s (RRP$17)

Here are a few things you’ll find out…

  • How to prevent your child from becoming overweight
  • Do obese people have a lower metabolic rate?
  • Will giving up smoking make you fat?
  • Are “Detoxes” all they’re hyped up to be?
  • And much more…

A printable meal planner if you’re extra cautious (RRP$7)

This is similar to what I use on a weekly basis in order to keep my whole family on track. It’s so simple, but it works wonders!

The only challenge you’ll have is to get into the habit of using it instead of resorting to your old ways.

If you give it a try you’ll probably be so blown away by how effective it is that continuing to use it won’t be a problem.

A “memory chart” of the most important info on “Healthy Eating” (RRP$7)

This is also a printout which you can post on your refrigerator , or in your bedroom, or behind your bathroom door.

Just make sure to follow the rules on the chart and eating healthy will shortly become INGRAINED into your mind!

A 50+ Recipe Manual (RRP$17)

This awesome bonus could be sold separately – so act fast to get it absolutely FREE while you still can.

Knowing what to eat is only part of becoming healthier. An equally important aspect is knowing what to put together and how, so that each meal is not only nutritious, but simple and appetizing.

Inside you’ll find over 50 delicious, AND healthy foods you can base your “healthy eating” around. I’ll provide 10-15 different recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and deserts!

And finally…

The Home Exercise Handbook (RRP$47)

This bonus could also be sold separately at the retail price above… inside, you’ll find dozens of exercises you can use along with instructional images to help you to perform them correctly – all in the comfort of your own home!

  • Exercises include strength training, as well as cardio – so you won’t have to be spending hundreds of dollars every year on a gym membership.
  • You’ll get an exercise schedule so you know exactly what to do on each day.
  • I’ve included beginner AND advanced workout routines depending on your fitness level already!

And although it’s not absolutely necessary to use this to see results with the Healthy Eating handbook, it is HIGHLY recommended!

Still skeptical?… still not convinced this is one of the BEST investments you can make for your health and wellbeing?

Here’s what I’m willing to do…

60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

I want you to be as confident as I am in my product and as happy as many other customers are. But just in case you have any doubts left on your mind, I want to make it foolproof for you.

You see, there are a LOT of scammers out there in internet land… making unrealistic promises in hopes of making a quick buck.

And even though the changes I’ve promised here may seem impossible, or “too good to be true” – I assure you, they’re not!

That’s why I’m willing to go out on a limb and completely guarantee your satisfaction… for a FULL 60 days.

Here’s how it works…

Order the Healthy Eating Handbook and apply as many tips, tricks, and secret strategies into your diet as you want… right down to the very last day. I know you’ll look and feel better, and you’ll wonder why losing weight seemed so difficult before… when all you had to do was apply a few simple things into your life!

So if at any time during those first 60 days you’re NOT completely convinced the healthy Eating Handbook is worth the price of admission many times over, I WANT you to ask for your money back.

I don’t want your money unless you’re absolutely THRILLED with the results!

I’ll refund every last cent with no questions asked, no hoops to jump through, and no hassles…

Fair enough?

Now that I’ve explained everything you’re going to get… how it will benefit you tremendously… AND taken ALL the risk off your hands…

There’s only 1 thing left to do!

Follow the instructions below, get access, and start living better today…

Healthy Eating Handbook
100% Risk Free Investment Form

YES! I’m ready to transform my life forever… my family and I deserve to have the BEST health, vitality, and energy to enjoy life… and starting with what and how we eat is a proven, long term way to achieve it. I know this will improve my mental, and physical wellbeing and allow us to get the most out of every day!

YES! I know if I’m not absolutely THRILLED with the dramatic improvements in my families weight and overall health… then I’m fully covered by your 60 day, 100% money back guarantee – with no questions asked. One quick email and I’ll have my money back if I’m not completely satisfied.

YES! I know I’ll have instant access to the Healthy Eating Handbook and LIMITED TIME BONUSES if I order today… everything is downloadable so I don’t have to wait for shipping or pay additional costs… I’m ready to get started and implement healthy eating habits to TREMENDOUSLY improve my wellbeing within the next few minutes!

On that basis, please give me instant access
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Your order is processed on 100% secure servers.

“What Are You Waiting For? A Whole New Level Of
Mental And Physical Wellbeing Awaits You…”

How much is your health and wellbeing worth to you and your family?

You intuitively know in your gut what your answer to that question is.

And all it takes is a brief look at your parents, your grandparents, your past medical history, and the way your body feels right now… to know deep down that mediocre or poor health was NOT part of the plan here.

You deserve better. You can HAVE better.

I sincerely hope that you will take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

I’ve shared a lot here about how this program works and what it will do for you…

The “art” of eating right can have dramatically positive benefits for you and your family…

…and the best part is: You can get started today with the Healthy Eating Handbook for just a single, one time payment of $27.

It’s a fraction of what others pay for my personal one-to-one coaching – don’t pass up this incredible opportunity. Take it for a risk free trial today for a full 60 days and see what happens…

Just $27. That’s All!

Your order is processed on 100% secure servers.

To your success and health,

Melanie Thomassian, R.D.

P.S. Still sceptical? I understand. Here’s what I’m willing to do… Download the Healthy Eating Handbook and limited time bonuses today… apply the tips, tricks, and secrets to your diet and lifestyle for a full 60 days… just give it a chance and see what will happen to your mental and physical wellbeing…

If it doesn’t do everything I’ve promised here today… and if you’re not absolutely convinced this is worth every single cent you paid, just let me know at the end of day 60. I’ll refund your entire investment promptly; with no hassles, no hoops to jump through, and no questions asked… you can even keep the entire training program as a “thank you” for giving it a fair and honest go. And we’ll still be friends!

Get Instant Access For $27!

Your order is processed on 100% secure servers.

P.P.S. Remember, I am a registered, highly sought after health professional in REAL LIFE… unlike most of the “advice” available on the internet, you can be sure you’re receiving professional, unbiased tips, tricks, and secrets to dramatically improving your health… not just with weight loss, but overall (in terms of mental and physical performance).

You’ll think more clearly… eliminate stress and fatigue… see VISIBLE results of weight loss in months… feel more alive than you ever have before… and allow you and your family to live a happier, longer, more fulfilled life…

How much is that worth to you? Taking a university course may cost thousands… AND suck hours of your time up every day with in depth studies and a whole bunch of stuff you can’t use IMMEDIATELY.

What is it worth to get all the important stuff you NEED and can apply right now, in a convenient, easy to follow report and easy to use format? Simply incorporating a few tips into your own, and families lifestyle can have incredible results…

Get Your Copy Today For $27!

Your order is processed on 100% secure servers.

"I think it is the simplicity and how you made it all make sense...your chapter on portion size is VERY helpful. Also the guide on food labels. I do this always but only for calorie content as I didn't know what else to look for.

"I could go on and on here. In short, this exactly what I needed. Same for the excersise manual. Very clear and easy to follow!

"Thank you again and may God continue to enable you to inspire and help others!"

- Ruth Quigg


“Thanks Melanie. I’ve read your e-book – love your vision and enthusiasm. Have just written down my goals and action plan, and am set to go! Thanks for this great service you are providing.”

- Kerry Jachmann


"I love the Healthy Eating Handbook. Your book stikes a chord, like it was written for a real person by someone who understands that our lives can't all be focused on one small aspect of our life, but that our lives are busy multi-faceted and we need real solutions to our diet dilemmas."

- Carriann


“You are always a wise and very supportive person and I read your stuff all the time. As always you have given me some insight into things that I just didn’t think about.

"You really make it easy to take charge in my life…"

- Katly Malgeri


“I was so tired of reading conflicting information re: “healthy eating” The practical tips are a life-saver when it comes to developing a healthy lifestyle. Love it!!!”

- Elaine MacKenzie


“I found you when I thought it was to late for me to do anything about my body and my health.

"You have given me hope!”

- Kathi

"What I like about Mel is her down to earth no nonsense approach to nutrition and weight loss. She’s just released her book called the healthy eating handbook, although I think the title is very misleading. It’s WAY MORE than a handbook.

"I’m super impressed by the time and effort she’s obviously put in to it. There is the main handbook which is full of useful information on how to get started, including the basic info discussing the 5 major food groups and how to put it all into practice.

"There are a TON of extras. All together this is a really amazing resource!"

- Sherri - Serene Journey


"What I like about this book the most is how simple and well organized it is. The book flows from one chapter to another one and you can easily find answers to the most important nutrition questions.

"The book is not the only thing that you get – you are also getting a workbook that will help you establish a habit of healthy eating, a recipe book and even Home Exercise Handbook (plus a few extra bonuses). Basically you get all the tools to start you on the journey towards a healthy lifestyle."

- Anastasiya - Balance in Me